We opened a store!

If you like furniture and home decor, you’ll definitely want to check out our new store “Classic Home”. It’s located in Downtown Bel Air right next to the Newberry Bakery on Bond Street.

Professional furniture services performed by masters of their craft

As antique restoration professionals, our family has been providing museum-quality furniture repair since 1969. 100% family-owned and operated, we offer a full range of services for a wide array of furniture pieces.   Although the majority of the work performed involves antiques and other sentimentally valued pieces, Classic Furniture Works is equally skilled and equipped to accommodate most furniture pieces, including those built in more recent years.  In addition to repairs and restorations, we design and build custom furniture.  Custom furniture is great option for those desiring a more personally designed piece reflective of their personality and taste.  If you can dream it, we can build it.

We are a close, nostalgic family of artists and woodworkers with a love of antiques and the history they embody.  Family heirlooms  which are as unique as they are priceless, can be entrusted to Classic Furniture Works with confidence.  Be it an armoire needing full finish restoration, or an end table requiring refinishing from the grain up, customers can be assured that their priceless antiques and heirlooms will be handled with the same skilled hands and expertise that our family would show our own cherished pieces.  Hundreds of customers we’ve served over the years, have experienced and benefited from the impeccable professional care that is the trademark of our family.