1800’s Cupboard gets a facelift

Here’s an early 1800’s cupboard made from solid walnut.  Walnut is a very traditional, very ‘American’ wood and this cupboard wears it quite nicely.  This piece was missing a door and needed to be completely restored.  It had little original finish to preserve and needed some significant repairs.  One of the most challenging tasks of this job was to cut two pieces of molding for the top.  The piece had lost its two upper-side moldings so we cut two brand new ones and colored them to match the patina that only aged wood will display.  Additionally, a door was crafted to install in place of the missing one.

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  • Matthew Knabb

    Hello, I run a small woodshop as a hobby on the side. I was given a mid 1800’s Victorian Mahogany Bed, that sat in a barn for years. While I have some challenges in repairs, my biggest concern is matching the new pieces I have to fabricate, with the 150 year old wood. There is not much I have come across in my searches on how to do it correctly. If you have any articles or websites I can refer to for advice, I would appreciate it. Thank you.

    Matthew Knabb
    Knabbs Woodworks
    Concord, VA

    • Mike

      Hey Matthew! Matching wood can be a serious chore – I agree. Do you have pictures of the existing wood and the new wood? Pictures of the project? I think I could make some suggestions if I had a visual frame of reference.

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