We opened a store!

If you like furniture and home decor, you’ll definitely want to check out our new store “Classic Home”. It’s located in Downtown Bel Air right next to the Newberry Bakery on Bond Street. The store also takes pieces on consignment, so if you or anyone you know has furniture or decor items which they would like to sell, visit our site here.

Found on the side of the road!

Found on the side of the road! thumbnail

It amazes me when I think of the amount of trash we humans produce on a daily basis.  Milk jugs, soda cans, paper towels, empty cereal boxes – you name it.  Luckily for the planet, we have the option to recycle.  Speaking of trash and recycling, I was driving down the road when I drove […] Read More


Farm table reveals its true color

Painted Farm Table

When this farm table was found, it was covered in no fewer than 10 coats of paint. I suspect this piece was made in the 1940’s and through the years, it must have been owned, owned and re-owned because it had so many layers of paint on it that it was almost soft. Though its […] Read More