Classic Antique Restoration

Most antiques are worth money and their value increases over time, no matter what’s happening on wall street.  Old world workmanship is timeless, and for the most part -at least when it comes to furniture construction – that timeless workmanship doesn’t exist anymore.  So, in a way, every antique is a collector’s item.  It’s important to know that the nicks and scratches in that early 20th century secretary help to make the value what it is.  Antiques are old and every mark in the wood becomes a part of their history,  a part of the story they tell of where they’ve been and who has sat in or written on them.  If your furniture’s finish is highly worn and the piece no longer looks way it once did, perhaps the time has come to restore it.

This is a Rosewood Dressing Table from the 1800's.  As you can see, it was in rough condition and needed a full, ground-up restoration. The result is astonishing.

Proper antique restoration is an art form unto itself.