How to repair a broken back splat on a Mahogany Chippendale chair

Chairs break in many ways, the most common of them being the stretchers at the bottom. Less commonly broken are the center parts of the back. There are many different chair designs, all of which have their own features. Three very well known designs are the Windsor, which has vertical spindles in the center of its back, the Ladder-back, which has horizontal supports in its back and the Chippendale, which has a decorative vertical shape in its back called a splat.

In this post, I'm going to be showing you what is involved in making from scratch a replacement splat for a Mahogany Chippendale chair. If the splat were not broken all the way, or even if the breaks were long and graduated, I would have been able to repair the breaks. Unfortunately, the breaks in this splat were very abrupt, and although I could easily have glued them back together, there are not enough continuous wood fibers to join together which would mean that the strength of the seat back would be forever compromised, and this chair would undoubtedly come back broken again. Without further ado, let's get started!

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