The Classic Portfolio

We've completed a lot of projects - a lot.

Since our beginning in 1969, we've worked on literally thousands of pieces of furniture.  While that might lead you to believe we have a trove of pictures to show off, we don't - sorry.  What we do have is a delicately curated selection of our past work which we think you'll enjoy looking at.

Winner of "Most Impossible Comeback"

This one is borderline miracle material.  Believe it or not, what you're looking at is an entire child's desk - in every single piece it was made from.  Technically, it was more pieces, because some of them were broken twice or even three times over.  It was delivered to us in three trash bags and I have to say, the look on the customer's face when they picked it up made it worth every one of the countless hours we had in it.

Walnut Sewing Table

This was a nice little piece to work on.  We were hired to completely refinish it - the customer wanted it to "look like new".  Someone, somewhere along the path had made a makeshift top for this table out of an old pine board.  History like that is great.  Nonetheless, it didn't have a Pine top when it was new, so we made a new top - out of Walnut.  Speaking of history, the three rough boards you see glued together (the new top-to-be) actually came out of my shed.  They were left behind by the previous owners.  Also, these boards are sitting on top of the table I once ate cookies at as a young boy in my Grandmother's kitchen.

Before & After

Just After

Pet Damage

Repair projects step by step, start to finish

Below are some repair jobs we've done.  We see a lot of sub-par repair work through the years.  As a matter of fact, we redo previous, failed repairs all the time.  As the saying goes, "If there's time to fix it twice, there's time to fix it correctly in the first place.".

At Classic Furniture Works, we only repair one way, and the work never returns broken.

How to replicate a missing piece of molding

Ever wondered if you can make a piece of missing molding *exactly* like the existing stuff? Yep.

How to repair a broken ball claw dresser leg

We’re going to show you the correct way to fix a badly broken furniture leg.

Broken Head Board Post

How to repair a bed post which has had the side rail ripped out


How to convert an antique Full size bed to Queen size

How to convert an antique Full size bed to Queen size Converting this turn of the century Victorian bed from Full to Queen size was definitely fun.  I post a lot of projects here, but I’d make a note that not all beds can be converted in this way.  This particular bed just happened to…


How to craft a new back splat for a Mahogany chair

How to repair a broken back splat on a Mahogany Chippendale chair Chairs break in many ways, the most common of them being the stretchers at the bottom. Less commonly broken are the center parts of the back. There are many different chair designs, all of which have their own features. Three very well known…

How to repair a Tea Cart foot that’s missing wood

How to repair a Tea Cart foot that’s missing wood This is a fairly common problem with pieces like this little drop-leaf Tea Cart.  The two steering feet have casters in them so they can rotate 360 degrees, and because of this, it’s a high stress location.  Even if we had the piece which was…

How to fix a broken coffee table leg

How to fix a broken coffee table leg We see a lot of broken furniture, and to be fair, we’re in the business of restoration, so I suppose that’s par for the course. What we also see a lot of, are incorrect repairs. If you search the internet for “how to fix a table leg”,…

How to repair a kitchen drawer

How to repair a kitchen drawer (well, make a new one anyways) We pride ourselves in being a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all furniture restoration services but I wanted to take a moment to show you just how far we’ll reach to help out someone in need.  The poor little drawer arrived at the shop and if…

How to repair a broken chair stretcher

How to repair a broken chair stretcher I see a lot of bad repair jobs come through my shop and most of the time, the furniture is here to have the repair repaired! I thought I’d publish an article on correctly performing a very common repair on a typical chair – a broken stretcher. I’ve…

painting furniture - oil vs latex paint

Painting furniture – Should I use latex or oil paint?

I’m addressing this question because it comes up rather often from our customers.  “I’m painting a piece of furniture in my home.  What type of paint should I use?  Oil?  Latex?  What’s the difference and which is the right choice for my project?”  While this is not necessarily a difficult topic to cover, it is…